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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> more americans entered the work force. more people are getting jobs. >> it was his first talk in the battleground state of virginia. his performance at wednesday night's debate. >> if anything, we're going to help erase debate night. it would be positive job numbers and that's what he honed in on. >> it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> in a room full of supporters, a setting is more comfortable with. >> really fired up the crowd. >> these voters say he bounced back. >> he steps up and he is very passionate about everything. >> the president seemed to try to make up for the debate, taking jabs at his opponent's comments about cutting funding to pbs. >> for all you moms and kids out there, don't worry. somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. >> a resounding approval. >> bring down the cost of college tuition. we need -- >> janice likes the sound of
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that. a george mason university senior struggling to pay her way. >> i'm glad he is very passionate about students here everywhere. >> it is a dead heat in the too close to call swing state of virginia. the gallop pole has mr. obama with a slight lead, but a new poll out today shows romney with a 1% edge in the commonwealth. the question will be, can the president keep virginia blue? >> we will win a fairfax county again. we'll win virginia again. we'll finish what we started. >> at george mason university, surae chinn, 9news now. >> and the second presidential debate is scheduled for tuesday, october 16. now we have breaking news for you from florida where there was a massive accident. a huge pileup. 30 to 40 vehicles involved on a highway overpass. all southbound lanes on i-75 shut down because of the crash. now the information is still coming into our newsroom. but despite all this debris,
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local news reports say only one trauma case. the sheriff's office says there are concerns about a possible tanker leak. maybe liquid calcium out on the roads, but that's not considered hazardous. we are following this developing story. we'll have updates if they are warranted. anita. >> some passengers consider this a critical safety issue, but the transit agency is complying with the americans with disability act. andrea mccarren is live outside the metro station in alexandria to pick up the story from there. andrea. >> anita, here's the deal. if you are visually impaired, there's a good chance you rely on those bumpy tiles, but not every station has them. >> you know, we have 24 people here who are blind. >> tony stevens and his colleagues at the national industries for the blind work right next to the metro stop. but the station does not have
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the bumpy tiles that indicate the end of a platform. >> anybody that has ever dealt with a crowded platform on the train is not just being a person who is blind. anybody, you feel it on your feet. you feel it with the cane that you have. it lets you know that you're almost on the edge. >> 65 of metro's 86 stations have the tiles already in place. ten others will have them by 2015. including the twin brooks station where the installation is underway. the 11 remaining stations need funding. >> the bumpy tiles need to be in our key stations and really, i mean, these are stations that are transfer points and stations that have the most activity. >> metro points out it is already in full compliance with the americans with disabilities act. the ada. >> so that requirement was met a long time ago. everything we are doing now is over and above what is required. basically being done in the interest of our customers.
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>> metro insists its intent is to have the bumpy tiles installed in all of its stations. since that takes funding and construction work that is disruptive to customers, it will be done in phases. >> they have to be safe and accessible. for people who are blind and for everybody. the faster they can do that, the better. >> metro does have a second warning system in place. in all of its station. you have probably seen the granite as well as the flashing lights at the end of each platform. for a complete list of all of the metro stations that will be getting those bumpy tiles as well as those awaiting funding, you can go to our website, reporting live from alexandria, andrea mccarren, back to you. >> thanyou. a guilty verdict today stemming from a fiery triple fatal crash. 19-year-old rico richardson guilty of being in a stolen vehicle. a montgomery county jury was hung on the more serious car
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theft charge. prosecutors say richardson and three other teenagers are out joyriding in a stolen car last month. when police chased them, the vehicle crashed into a tree and burst into flames at chevy chase circle. filed a $10 million lawsuit claiming the montgomery county police are the ones who caused the crash. the sentencing will be handed down in december. and a convicted killer already serving life in prison will not go on trial for his other suspected crimes. today, a prosecutor suspended ten criminal cases against alias. he was convicted in one murder and has been linked to a series of other stabbing deaths, including one in leesburg. the prosecutor said that will save the taxpayers hundreds and thousands of dollars. a grandmother and a baby were rescued from a burning apartment building today in new carolton. flames raced through the building this morning on 85th avenue. investigators say the fire started on the lower level of the building. mall come brown is one of the people who lives there.
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>> as soon as i came down, they bust through this door right here. got the fire done and the lady ahead, she had her baby. they put the ladder up there and make sure they brought the baby down. >> wow. nobody is seriously hurt after all of that. and the cause is still being investigated. a man is fighting for his life after jumping from the second floor of her burning townhouse in northwest washington. it happened last evening at the project on k street. another three people were rescued from the townhouse. two of them with smoke inhalation. now it took firefighters 15 minutes to bring the flames under control. what started it, still being looked into. another dorm apartment at the university of maryland has been confirmed to have bedbugs. that makes three cases at the south campus commons apartments according to capstone on campus management. exterminators and their dog were on the campus today.
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they showed their bedbug bites and their furniture overturned. capstone says quote, we will continue to follow our established protocall for responding to residents who notify us of bedbugs in their unit. students say they are not satisfied. they believe their concerns are finally being taken seriously, so maybe things will change. >> tomorrow, one of the most dreaded days for high school students everywhere. s.a.t. test day. all across our country, a record number of students are taking the s.a.t. more and more colleges don't require the test anymore. as peggy fox reports, the s.a.t. is not the best measure of whether or not a student will do well in college. >> tomorrow morning, many high school seniors will be taking the s.a.t. the second time, trying to improve their scores. the class of 2012 bombed the test with the lowest scores in history. since 2008, critical reading scores dropped 4 points and writing scores dropped 5
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points. some blame the falling s.a.t. numbers. they say it is dumb down curriculum and causing teachers to teach to their own mandated standardized tests. the dean of education says there is some merit to that argument. >> policymakers should be making a decision based on s.a.t. scores. >> there's a silver lining in the latest numbers. >> more kids are take the s.a.t. than ever before. more variety of kids taking the s.a.t. from all over the country. they have more opportunities to take the test. that's fabulous. you know, the fact we have such diversity, represents the fact that the s.a.t. is changing. >> one of hundreds of universities that don't require s.a.t. tests for applicants anymore. they will look at the score if a student has taken the test, but they don't look at it as an indicator of how that student will perform in college. some colleges have found that focusing first on the whole person, their grades, essaysextracurricular
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activities and life experiences will help them find the best students. >> i want kids to be great at writing. i want them to come with passion and excitement about what they are studying. >> in northwest washington, peggy fox, 9news now. >> i am here now with anita in the kitchen and anita, we all know that a good breakfast is a key way to start the day. especially when it comes to kids gearing up to take that s.a.t. did my old favorite, the lucky charms are not on the list. >> not s.a.t. brain food. hours long of testing. so what we think is the most important are whole grain carbs, because there's good energy. maybe some protein. so a whole grain bagel. you can put peanut butter. add in blueberries. boosting brain power, getting you ready to go. this could be the starter. a whole grain bagel or toast. now, they also have breaks in
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this testing. they have five minute periods where they could get a snack. for that, lower carb, higher protein. how about yogurt? that's going to sustain them and not have them have highs and lows. that would be great. soy milk is another thing. bananas high in potassium. a good fruit to give you a boost as you head back in there to take the rest of the test. >> this might give you a boost. how about the red bull. >> kids tend to think this is what i need. i need some kind of monster energy drink. >> kids aren't the only ones. >> what you will get, instead of a real energy boost, you may make yourself anxious. and for breakfast, we do not want high sugar, simple refined carbs. they will give you that blood sugar spike, but it's going to go away. the pop tarts, the fruit loops, you're going to be taking that test. don't want to do it. >> good advice. i hope folks are listening.
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all right, coming up, everybody, the mars rover prepares to play bartender with the red planet sand. >> i'm meteorologist, erica. it's columbus day weekend. is the weather going to cooperate? i'll tell you coming up. >> early voting is underway in one make or break state. we'll talk about the latest in the presidential campaign with bob shaefer when we come back.
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34 states, including the all important ohio, hold early voting. in 2008, 30% of ohio's voters took advantage of it. casting their ballot before election day. the senior adviser to the obama campaign will be one of the guests on this weekend's face the nation. and joining us now live from cbs news here in washington is the host, bob shaefer. we know you are moderating the
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upcoming presidential debate. you don't want to talk about what happened wednesday night. are these unemployment numbers we are seeing today the best news the president could possibly have coming after the performance on wednesday? >> if there is better news out there for this white house, i don't know what it would be. because you know, most people followed these things thought unemployment was going to pick up this time around and in fact, it actually went down. this is about as good as the numbers have been since barack obama has been president. so, will it help? i couldn't say for sure. but i'll tell you one thing, it is sure not going to hurt. >> that's exactly right. you'll also have former baseball manager on face the nation this sunday and i know that everybody here in washington can agree on one thing. that is, the nationals are in the playoffs. we are excited about it. you're a big nats fan. let me make you jealous because i was at the stadium in the locker room when they clinched last week. how about that? >> wow.
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that is great. by the way, i should add that we're going to have tony la russa. we're going to have dodger legend e tommy lasorta. we'll have jane who wrote that great biography of mickey manet l and one of my favorite observers and writers of baseball, peter gammons who is going to be with us. we are not going to be talking about the debates or politics. we'll talk about politics in the first half of the show when david action axlerod will have writers. but we just decided with the nats going to the playoffs and so forth and the baseball season, another great season. we just take a little break and talk some baseball. so the whole second half of the broadcast, we are going to just talk about baseball. the game today, and some of the
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great things that happen during this season. i mean, cabrera for one thing, win the triple crown. the first time it happened in a long time. it's a lot to talk about. in addition to the nats going to the playoffs. so i'm really excited. >> it sounds like a great break from the political thing, bob, we all could use it, right? >> i can. >> exactly. thank you, bob. we look forward to seeing you on sunday. >> thank you very much. >> now we have a sneak preview today of rare objects related to the american presidency of the past. they include an original letter written by george washington and an early printing of the decloration of independence. the items include a rare dish from the martha washington tea service. that little dish, $40,000. the j.w. marriott on pennsylvania avenue through sunday. then they will be auctioned off by cristie's auction house. nasa is looking to stir things up on mars.
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plans call for the curiosity land rover to dig into the sand tomorrow on the red planet. once it has been scooped up in the rover's arm, it will shake the sand around for the next eight hours and attempt to get rid of any unwanted earth grease. the process will happen three times. >> shake vigorously, this is eight hours. >> the only thing is, if this was happening on earth, it would be dull. but since it's on mars, oh, shaking for eight hours. >> very interesting. want to see how similar this planet is to our own. >> what a fantastic friday. >> we love it. perfect ten as far as this kind of weather goes for october. it doesn't get any better than this. now we are heading into the holiday weekend and things are about to take a turn for the worst. let's take a look outside with the michael and son weather cam. it's 81 degrees right now and low humidity. boy, can you ask for any better
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than that? the dew point 52. the wind is calm. 36%. oh, i wish i could tell you that it's going to stay with us throughout the weekend. but we do have a cold front on the way. that's the first change that we have in our weather headline. we had that great weather continuing tonight, but then that cold front that is on the way is going to give us a shower, maybe a thunderstorm in a couple areas on saturday and then sunday is going to be downright sloppy. we're going to see lots of clouds in place and pockets of heavy rain possible. much better on monday, but it's going to be less than ideal. as we head into that columbus day. right now, it is beautiful. it's 77 many martinsburg and hagerstown. same temperature in frederick. it is still 81 in fredericksburg with that low humidity and lots of sunshine. satellite and radar shows a change on the way. here comes the cold front that will bring the thunderstorm activity as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. but as you'll see here on 9 future cast, it's very spotty. not a lot of activity. a quick shower possible, especially in hagerstown and other areas along the mason
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dixon line. and then the cold front starts to slip through. so our high temperature will actually be in the early afternoon tomorrow. before this cold front starts to move through and the change and the atmosphere by dinner time. so the showers have moved off to the south and east and then as we head into sunday, we'll watch some cloud cover moving in in the morning hours and then the rain really can become heavy at times as we move into the afternoon. see these pockets of yellow here? that indicates some heavier and steadier rain. in the district, we could see an inch of rain. so overnight tonight, clear and comfortable. another nice night with low humidity. 53 to 62 for your overnight lows and as we head into the morning hours, it will be nice out there for saturday. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but saturday afternoon, that's when the clouds are going to increase and we could see a shower or a thunderstorm with highs between 70 and 78 degrees. so a little bit closer to normal tomorrow. still above normal with a high of 76 degrees in leesburg.
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75 in warrenton and 77 in culpeper. it will get up to 78 tomorrow in manassas and as we take a look toward the bay, 77 degrees in annapolis and 77 also in pax river. they have a big game. it's family weekend in college park and temperatures will be in the 70s. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. most of us will stay dry through most of the day on saturday. some good news with a high of 78 degrees. then sunday, code yellow. it looks nasty with pockets of heavy rain and a high of 58. monday, a little bit of an improvement for columbus day. a high of 64 degrees. well below normal, of course, a stray shower is possible and tuesday looks good, just as you are heading back to work. a high of 70 degrees and lots of sunshine. maybe a quick shower on wednesday, but for the most part, the workweek looks dry. it's the weekend where it looks like we'll have the nasty weather. i'm sorry to be the bear of bad news. any plans you need to cancel?
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>> a bike ride or two. >> our neighborhood was having a fall festival. we moved it to saturday instead of sunday. >> that's a good plan. it's about to become easier to tip your barista at starbucks. up next, police stop rush hour traffic so helicopters can transport two accident victims to the hospital. we'll show it to you.
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okay, sky 9 over i-95 in prince william county where a crash brought traffic to a halt today right in the middle of the morning rush hour. this happened in the northbound lanes near triangle. those lanes were shut down for about an hour. if you can imagine the mess. helicopters had to get the injured out. two crash victims were taken to the hospital. investigators say the crash involved just one vehicle. they are still trying to figure out how it happened. there were also some headaches for drivers this morning in fairfax county. a utility pole came down on rolling road p just before the morning rush hour started. one person was slightly hurt. the roadway was shut down for hours there as well. >> now people were ordered out of five homes in bethesda this morning because of a propane leak. this happened in the 7100 block of glenn brook drive.
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fire investigators say a worker damaged a 1,000 gallon propane tank this morning. the leak has been repaired and the all clear given. >> prince georges county is getting a new police station. today, county executive joined police chief, mark mcgo, breaking ground for the new district seven station on fort washington road. the $5.4 million cost is included in the 2013 fission 2013 fiscal year budget. may have been asking themselves, where's the fire? a contingent of prince georges county fire recruits are on foot running across the span this morning. turns out it's a part of a tradition for members of the soon to graduate class and followed a trail that started at national harbor, went to the virginia side of the wilson bridge and returned back to maryland. >> just ahead, a cashier fights back when a robber tries to hold up a pizza hut. >> but up next, doctors try to track down hundreds, if not thousands of people who may have contracted fungal
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meningitis from steroid injections.
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our bruce johnson broke a story on twitter this morning. bruce tweeted and we quote, a big mayor gray campaign adviser tells me gray won't run again. regardless of where federal probe goes, he is supporting new candidate, end of quote. just a short time later, wu sa9
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tweeted that, at mayor vince gray will not seek a second term, hash tag d.c. well that led andrea mccarren and other journalists question the mayor. this is what he had to say a few hours later. >> another term, mr. mayor? >> good evening, how are you? >> is this based on somebody's opinion that was quoted in a story? >> yes, apparently. >> i don't know where they get the opinion from. >> i don't know. >> are you going to run again? >> i'm not half way through my term and this is the discussion? why doesn't somebody come up with real news. >> two council members plan on running for mayor. you started late last time four years ago and you acknowledged that may have led to problems with the campaign and you started late, one would think if you are planning to run again, you would try to get an earlier start. >> that's what you would think, mark. >> that's a decision that i have to make. i'm not half way through my
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term. let's continue what we are doing and run the city. thank you all. >> bruce johnson is on the phone with us. you heard the mayor's reaction. do you stand by what you said? >> you know, this is going to strange to you, but i tend to agree with the mayor. i don't know how much of a story was there. i never called it a story. if i thought it was a big deal, breaking news as it was treated, i would have been sitting alongside you talking about this story into the camera. i never reported the mayor wouldn't seek a second term. what i did tweet on my personal account this morning, it came from a recent conversation that i had with a source. somebody who has been around town, been around d.c. politics for a long time. somebody close to the mayor. somebody who raised money for the mayor. and in that conversation, and we covered a number of topics. this person says to me, the mayor won't run again regardless of where the federal probe goes. she, meaning that person, is now looking for another
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candidate. now because of limitations, i could have said a lot more. after the fire storm, i did go back on twitter saying this person's opinion. however, i will under score the fact that this person's opinion is a big opinion. and it's unlikely the mayor would seek a second term without going through this person. but that is the gist of it. i never intended to see breaking news. this goes on twitter, as do a lot of things i come across that don't reach that level of being a news story packaged. let's go out and cover it. it is information that i get that i securely stand by that i put out there on twitter. >> wait a second, bruce. bruce, i have to press you on this. you have been at this a long time, just like i have. you know whether or not a sitting politician at that level seeks a second term is going to be a big story. are you telling me, you put that on twitter with no idea people would take it and make it into breaking news? >> everything is relative.
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not breaking news, but certainly discuss it. i put a will lot of things on twitter. you tell me if this is something people will run with. they are courting vigorously. vincent gray supporters east of the river. that was something i was going to get to today, but never got to it because of this fire. things like this out all the time. derek, if i had nailed down the story that the mayor wouldn't seek a second term, it wouldn't be on twitter. i would have been sitting next to you. it would be a block buster. many times before. >> fair enough, bruce. one final question, if you have known the reaction would be as it was, would you have made the same tweet? >> absolutely. you know what i would have done? nobody goes to the website and starts calling this breaking news and treats it as some major blockbuster story, which it isn't. >> it feels like it might be a bigger block buster than you think it is. thank you so much.
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we'll talk to you later on. >> okay. anita. >> derek, health providers across the nation including in maryland and virginia are rushing to notify patients around the country. they could be at risk for fungal meningitis after getting injections for back pain. >> family, friends, and loved ones are remembering the latest victim of the meningitis outbreak. 56-year-old diana reid of tennessee died after undergoing steroid injections for neck pain at this hospital center. 18 people with confirmed cases of fungal meningitis are being treated here. the center for disease control say so far 47 people in seven states, tennessee, virginia, maryland, florida, north carolina, indiana, and michigan, contracted fungal meningitis. the number of cases is expected to grow. >> we see the symptoms beginning somewhere between 1 to 4 weeks after the injection occurred.
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of course, the investigation is still on going. >> health officials say 75 facilities in 23 states may have received the tainted steroids. >> meningitis is an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. the fungal type is not contagious. nausea, dizziness, and fever. >> early treat can definitely help. that's why patients who might have been exposed would be vigilant. >> the new england compounding center supplied the steroids and recalled 18,000 viles. the food and drug administration is telling doctors not to use any products. companies like the one in massachusetts, custom mix medicines that aren't always available and the products are not subject to fda approval. health officials say it is still unclear how many patients got the contaminated injections and whether everyone who got them will get sick. cbs news, los angeles. >> the cdc warns doctors not to use any of the products that came from that massachusetts pharmacy, which right now is
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shut down. american airlines mechanics will fix those floor mounts in 48 of its 757 airplanes to prevent seats from coming loose. three recent incidents where seats came loose while planes were in the air. engineers will upgrade the mechanisms that lock the seats down. the carriers had to cancel more than 90 flights to make those fixes. you'll soon be able to use your mobile wallet at star bucks. the seattle based company teamed up with technology startup, square, to roll out a new mobile payment app. starbucks customers can use. the coffee company will add a tipping app and that will be available sometime next summer. the baristas will thank you. >> this is the weekend dozens of d.c. bars have been given the okay to stay open until 4:00 a.m. two hours longer than usual. a new city policy is being extended that extends alcohol sales before holidays.
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the move is aimed at raising $3 million more in revenue from alcohol sales. 42 bars and restaurants have been approved to stay open late under the new policy. coming up, apple versus android. consumer reports compare the iphone 5 with the latest google phone. but up next, a bus driver can't finish his route after being punched by a would be rider who couldn't pay his fare. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back after the break.
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caught on tape, a man punches a city bus driver. this is surveillance video out of kansas city, missouri. a group of young men getting on the bus. each one said the guy behind me is going to pay for this. the last guy didn't have enough money for everyone. that's when the driver says, you have to get off. as they go out, the video shows one of them punches the driver. he is 54 years old. despite being dazed, officers say he tried to continue his route, but drivers convinced him to stop after he ran over some orange cones in the road. cops are still looking for the bad guys. >> talk about a sucker punch. in atlanta, police are
5:40 pm
searching for a robber who left a pizza hut with little cash and perhaps a few bruises as well. >> the man jumping over the counter. the female cashier told police when she realized, this guy is not armed, she hit him. another worker hits the clerk with a broom. the workers ended up with bumps and bruises, but not seriously hurt. >> you do not mess with pizza hut. it took a long time to convince this high school athlete to try football, but now there's no looking back. his great story in ten minutes. first, if you are looking to upgrade appliances, virginia is where you need to be this weekend. more on the savings up for grabs coming up next.
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this weekend is your chance to save some money on new energy efficient appliances in the state of virginia. the commonwealth sales tax holiday runs all the way through monday and that means you do not have to pay sales taxes on things like heat pumps, dishwasher, washing machines, and toilets that are certified as energy efficient and cost less than $2500. apple's iphone 5 is still as fast as the fastest android
5:44 pm
phones. there are plenty of differences. consumer expert, lesli foster, looks at the pros and cons of apple versus android. >> this commercial makes fun of apple fans. it claims that android phones had better features and capabilities than the iphone 5. >> this year, we are finally getting everything we didn't get last year. >> consumer reports put all the phones through their paces to assess each one's features and options. everyone wants to big screen to play games and use apps. the iphone 5, 4-inch screen is apple's biggest yet, but it can't compare with those on many andorid phones. >> voice control is another area of competition. android capabilities are quite good, but no match for suri. >> bruce willis movie. >> okay, i found some theaters. >> next, navigation. >> android has more detailed maps and more customization.
5:45 pm
apple has a few glitches. until those are worked out, android carries it. >> with everyone using their phone to take pictures, the iphone and some android phones have the ability. when it comes to photo and video quality, the iphone 5 out performs the android. want to connect to the internet at the same time? all 4g phones can do that, but not the iphone on verison or sprint. while the iphone 5 gets many things right, so do the top rated andorid phones. and the new iphone 5 is among consumer reports top rated phones along with the samsung galexy3. lesli foster, 9news now. >> apples of a different variety could be in short supply this fall. according to u.s.a. today, this year's apple crop could be the smallest since 1986. growers are blaming the unusually warm temperatures
5:46 pm
back in march followed by an april cold snap. the result could be higher prices and less variety of apples across the country. >> that's a bummer. >> i'm a granny smith kind of a guy. i like those crunchy green ones. >> i don't know. i like any apple. all right, well our weather this weekend, big changes here. so the beautiful weather we had today, unfortunately, is not going to stick with us. let's take a look outside with our michael and son weather cam. still beautiful out there. lots of sunshine. 81 degrees, and comfortable humidity with that dew point in the low 50s. it doesn't start to become noticeable until the dew point is in the 60s. right now, we're in a good spot and with those calm winds, it's the kind of weather you can get out and relax in. so great weather continues overnight tonight. then the changes arrive. we're going to see showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast on saturday with a first disturbance moving through and then a much bigger one arrives on sunday and that's going to make things
5:47 pm
sloppy. lots of clouds, showers, and maybe some heavy rain as well. much cooler temperatures, too. it's going to be nasty out there. and then monday, a little bit of improvement in the forecast. we will have cool temperatures, though. right now, it is 80 degrees in baltimore. 81 still for us downtown. it's 80 in fredericksburg. and with those dew points nice and low, we feel very comfortable, even with those warm temperatures. satellite and radar shows the next disturbance heading our way. much cooler temperatures behind this. as this moves through, a shower, maybe a thunderstorm, not as much activity as you see on the radar right now. we aren't going to have pockets of heavy rain on saturday. that's in sunday's forecast. as this front stalls out in another area of low pressure comes up from the south. all right, now 9 future cast shows increase in cloud cover. so we are still in the clear during the morning hours, but in the afternoon, we're going to watch that front move through. not a lot of activity here on future cast, but i think we
5:48 pm
could see some pockets of showers within the d.c. metro area. keep that in mind on saturday, might have a quick shower, maybe a thunderstorm. but the rain really arrives on sunday. we're going to see plenty of clouds and those showers, pockets of heavy rain on and off throughout the day. looks like a nasty day, unfortunately. overnight, it's nice. 57 degrees in both leesburg and manassas. 55 in fredericksburg and we'll dip down to 55 degrees in luri and 56 degrees in winchester. as we head into tomorrow morning, nice, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. as we head into the afternoon, the cloud cover increases and we'll look for a late shower or storm and then the redskins forecast is nasty. cloudy, chilly with pockets of rain. mid 50s for the temperatures at kickoff at 1:00 p.m. and northerly winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. it is a code yellow day on sunday. rainy and chilly with a high of 58. columbus day monday will be an improvement here with a high of
5:49 pm
64 and a stray shower possible. in the seven-day outlook. big change. 78 degrees tomorrow, still nice, but then we're going to look for that rain moving in on sunday and it could be heavy at times. just a nasty day and most of the shortened workweek will be dry. a shower may be possible on wednesday. >> all right, that's a look at your weather forecast. >> thanks a lot, erica. >> so back in school, i always wished i was good enough to play varsity basketball. there is one thing i know about hoop players, they shy away from football because they don't like to get hit. >> it's a good thing this next young man didn't follow that line of thinking. dave owen is here. >> here's some advice. head off to a football game and check them out. he won't be hard to find. he's a real tall guy. safe to say the mustangs are glad to have him, but boy was it hard to get him there. dianne roberts has more on the player in tonight's u.s.a. today high school sports
5:50 pm
report. >> wayne johnson, 6'4", 225- pound power forward for the bishop mustangs. >> i'm very physical. i like to block and i enjoy playing with my teammates. >> johnson has been playing basketball since he was five years old. says he hoped to get a college scholarship. he may get his wish, but not in the sport that is his first love. instead, football teams are showing an interest in the tight end. >> stony brook, i have iowa, north carolina, maryland, richmond, mercer, and a few more. >> keep it up, man. >> being a two-sport athlete is not unusual in high school. what is unusual, is that johnson has interest from division one colleges and he has only been playing football for one season. >> i just started in may. and i'm enjoying it. >> i met wayne his 8th grade near. he was coming down the hall.
5:51 pm
6'2", 195-pounds and i looked at him and said he is the perfect sized tight end. i asked if he played football and he said no, sir, i'm a basketball player. for the next three years, i asked wayne, did he play football? i finally convinced him. >> i decided to come out my senior year. i didn't want to leave high school with a regret. >> if he was here three years ago, he would be an all- american. >> wayne has natural talent. something you can't teach. >> i am big. i can catch. i love catching the ball and scoring touchdowns. >> wayne hopes that turn that ability into a scholarship offer. he wants to major in business and own a group of pawnshops. for 9sports, i'm dianne roberts. >> pawnshops. how about that. all right, bishop back on the road tonight. we have a full slate of high school games ourselves, including our game of the week. great one. dunbar, west shield chantilly. check out these pretty cool
5:52 pm
jerseys right here. >> how come you don't have one? >> i have to be impartial. i'm impartial. >> fair enough. how would you like to get a free rg3 jersey? >> this one. they won't let me. >> you can't keep it. you have to go to wusa and like us on facebook and tell us why you deserve the free jersey. pretty easy. winners will be chosen at random and announced on game on on saturday 13. you have until the show starts at 7:00 that night to register for a free rg3 jersey. you can't beat that. you guys look pretty cool. >> yeah, sit with a tie. >> you do. okay. >> i don't think anyone is going to miss it. >> i look better than rg. in his jersey. >> okay. we're going to let you keep that fantasy going. from our earliest days, we are taught to keep ourselves clean, but still ahead, some differences between the guys and the gals when it comes to
5:53 pm
personal hygiene. >> that's breaking news. later on, a local family struggling how to clean up a moldy mess. >> but first, cuddly critters aren't just cute to look at, they could help find cures for diseases. we'll explain how up next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
there's a unique local organization that supports women with all kinds of breast
5:56 pm
and gin cancers. they call it critters for the cure and this week it's 2013 calendar came out with very familiar faces. >> i think i lived my life as a survivor. >> that's our own, j.c. hayward, describing her attitude about the breast cancer diagnosis she got this year. j.c. says she relied on an expert oncology team. her faith, and her family, and her two dogs, sasha and solomon to stay upbeat. >> my dogs, i love them. they give unconditional love. they are always fair. they always wag their tail to let you know that they are happy. >> j.c. is one of this year's celebrated survivors in the critter for career calendar. unveiled this week. sales of the $20 calendar help support local women who may find themselves in financial hardship during treatment. critters may help cover a
5:57 pm
utility bill or pet care services while a woman is sick. monique is another survivor pictured with her dog, bella. she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. >> i was 31 years old. it had been there for five to seven years. >> she got the diagnosis as she was planning her wedding. with her husband and family support, she made it through toxic rounds of chemo and radiation that left her weighing 98-pounds. when she felt her worst, bella would make her feel better. >> bella offered so much love. unconditional love. it doesn't matter how i look, how i feel, what kind of energy i have, as long as i can snuggle up with her and give to her, she gives me back tenfold. >> okay, so here's the calendar with my colleague, j.c. right there on the cover. andrea roane is here with her dogs and i make a guest appearance as well. you can see us in a photo
5:58 pm
gallery and find a link on now getting one of those calendars or checking out these cute pictures of animals online could be good for productivity. a new study in japan finds that looking at cute animals can actually improve performance at certain tasks. in particular, things that require you to be careful. so enjoy these critters from recent pet line 9 segments and see more of them as well as this is 9news now. >> a steady decline in unemployment numbers took a steeper drop in the last month. tonight, the bottom line is, more americans are finding jobs. tara takes a look at the potential impact on the presidential race. >> president obama was all smiles at a rally in virginia. the labor department says the economy added 114,000 jobs in september and the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 to 7.8%.
5:59 pm
>> the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> a major drop in unemployment right before the election has some questioning results. former general electorate ceo supporter went as far as suggesting the obama administration manipulated the report. he tweeted, unbelievable jobs numbers. the chicago guys will do anything, can't debate, so change numbers. the white house calls well sp's insinuation utter nonsense. and most republicans are steering clear of the former ceo's comments, including mitt romney. the republican nominee says many of the new jobs are only part-time. and that's not what a real recovery looks like. >> even those that have jobs are having tough times. the middle class is being squeezed with higher and higher costs and with incomes that have come down. >> report was good news on wall street, but investors remain weary. >> everyone is saying here we gorks everything


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